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Nino Caridi Law PC

An internship turned client with Nino Caridi Law PC. Duties included graphic design, motion graphics, videography, logo design, banner design, social media posts, photography, and merchandise design

An internship turned client that Austin worked with during 2019. Nino Caridi Law PC is a law firm specializing in hospitality, real estate, and last will & testament services. Austin was designated the media and marketing specialist and provided graphic design, logo design, motion graphics, photography, web design, and videography relating to marketing and branding. Works are available upon request as the company appears to have cleared their Instagram pages. Video work is available on the photo/video section of this website, as Nino also requested videography done for his social group B3.

Key Components

Graphic Design

Nino Caridi Law PC has a brand best explained by their slogan 'Not Your Father's Law Firm'. Keeping this in mind, the concepts integrated into graphics were modern designs, motion graphics, and stylish layouts that derive from the 'stale end slice of white bread' idea that comes to mind when thinking of law.


While in a sense, all of this work is marketing, this specifically refers to the research, branding, targets, and planning for the business. This included studying the business, real estate, and hospitality industries to figure out what overlapping aspects of law and the aforementioned disciplines exist; this allows me to create content better tailored towards persons involved in those industries.


Aside from work strictly for Nino Caridi Law PC, Nino was a member of a social club referred to as B3; a group of businessmen who gathered once a month for networking, food, drinks, and good times. I provided videography showcasing both the restaurant, but also the social club's members to demonstrate that they are more than just the faces of their practices, and remind viewers that they are people just like you and I.

Project Gallery

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