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The Atomic Composer

and Their Interstellar Orchestra

Here you can read my artist's statement and personal experiences as a musician and composer.

Signature Styles

     My influences include classical and modern composers, as well as jazz, punk,

hip-hop, and electronic musicians.  Along with this, I have studied music theory and composition in my free time, allowing me to combine creative concepts with technical skills.

     I have an affinity for video game and film soundtrack composition, and enjoy the idea of conveying a visual-sensual environment through only sound.  Along with this, I also enjoy creating music to dance to, and emotional songs that combine heartfelt lyrics with complex techniques.

     My endeavors as a musician began from the age of 13, self-taught until the age of 18 when finally given the chance to take a music theory course in high school. 

     From there, I continued to pursue music as a passion-project while attending college, and found opportunities to take music electives throughout my academic career.

Humble Beginnings

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