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Nintendo's Pro-Social Standing

A consumer behavior project analyzing perception and actuality of the company Nintendo Ltd., particularly the misconception of the video game industry promoting violence over decades.

This marketing project focuses on consumer behavior related the history of the video games industry and its perception in the USA, as well as more specifically on my home of Long Island. The company of emphasis is Nintendo Ltd., due to it being one of the first major corporations to be perceived as defying the stereotypes of violence and criminal activities that were perpetuated towards the gaming industry.

Key Points:
- The historical perception of video games in the United States of America.
- The difference between consumer and buyer
- Nintendo Ltd. stands as a historically pro-social company

Included are an article from the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, a video essay to accompany a written paper, and the paper itself which features a grading system for the 10 best selling games of all time and their 'violence'.

Video Essay:

Key Components


With games like Pong and the Oregon Trail, the 1970s is when video games first entered the mainstream. This form of entertainment was immediately under fire for their supposed contribution to childhood laziness and even gambling- which is untrue.


Super Mario Sunshine was released on July 19, 2002. This game's television advertisements promote concepts of unity and environmentalism. The game itself features Mario cleaning up Isle Delfino after wrongfully being accused of polluting said island, and promotes themes of eco-friendly and pro-social values.


8.94 is the result of the F test posed through a psychological test conducted by various international university students. This is a significant number within the study, showing that those who played pro-social games presented more pro-social tendencies when tested afterwards. Players had to select puzzles for partners to complete, and 'pro-social' players were more likely to enable more successful circumstances.

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